Reporting key Stormwater issues

Stormwater runoff causes water quality problems, including threats to human health, ecosystems and the physical shapes of natural environments around which our businesses, homes and parks are built. Poor stormwater management can also lead to unnecessary flood damage, creating burdensome costs to landowners and taxpayers. This website is dedicated to the dissemination of information regarding financing, management, and planning for San Diego’s stormwater.

Stay Informed with the Stormwater Reporter

The monthly STORMWATER REPORTER NEWSLETTER synthesizes pertinent regulatory issues, control techniques and financing options for improving our water quality and region through stormwater management.

Regular columns include:

  • Finance Forum – Information on financing mechanisms
  • San Diego Story – Stormwater issues in the San Diego Region
  • Resources – New resources for stormwater managers, consultants and watershed organizations
  • Consultant’s Corner – BMPs, trends, market conditions and news for engineers, planners, biologists and other staff for non-point source pollution control
  • Citizen’s Cache – Information about watershed organizations, regulatory impacts and stormwater-related contacts
  • Calendar – Important dates related to stormwater in the San Diego region and U.S.
  • Resource Links: We also maintain a Resource Links page with useful hyperlinks to other websites, including:

Public agencies
Local demonstration cites
BMP Information
Educational sites
Funding Programs